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FeRRUM – world of iron Museum

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In the multimedia adventure museum “FeRRUM – world of iron” at the historic Ybbsitz market square, visitors can expect an exciting and eventful journey through time into the world of iron processing.

The modern exhibition, equipped with interactive stations, gives insights into the forging trade and shows us how much metal surrounds us.

Perfect technology and state-of-the-art installations, coupled with an architectural masterpiece, allow the visitor an entertaining and instructive journey through the past, present and future.
Combine your visit to FeRRUM with a hike along the 3 km long blacksmith’s mile. A total of eight experience points, so-called milestones, tell the hikers about the former life of the blacksmiths and grinders. An ideal excursion for the whole family.

Get your nails on the nail and come to Ybbsitz: the old iron was yesterday!

Markt 24
3341 Ybbsitz

Phone: +43 7443 85300

E-Mail: info@ferrum-ybbsitz.at
Website: www.schmieden-ybbsitz.at

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