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Hikin Ötscher – closer to nature

Deep gorges and wide valleys – this charactherizise Lackenhof surroundings. Lackenhof am Ötscher is an excellent choice for nature lovers. Explore the impressive scenery at Ötscher with its mountain streams and interesting rock formations. You will be spoiled by the number of hiking tours from the area summing up more the 230 km.

The hiking region attracts families and extreme mountaineers as well. From easy hikes for beginners and families to very demanding expert tours and day excursions. Beside enjoying the nature and stunning view, there is also a culinary side of this tours, worth to try it. We list You only a few of the highlighted tours.


Hüttenkogel Hike

  • duration: approx. 35 min
  • level of difficulty: easy

Route:  Take the nice winding path that leaves from the mountain station of the 2-person chair lift up to the vantage points and the panorama telescope.


Ötscher Summit Hike

duration: approx. 1.5 hrs.

level of difficulty: intermediate

Route: Take the lift at Lackenhof valley station to the mountain station. Take the comfortable path that leads to Hüttenkogel. Turn left at the panorama telescope and continue on rocky ridges to Ötscher summit.

Tip: Paragliding launch site is situated just below the summit cross. Why not combine a hike with a flight? 


Ötscher Summit via Rauher Kamm

  •  duration: approx. 4 hrs. (start at Weitental parking)
  •  level of difficulty: difficult
  •  Parking: valley station of Großer Ötscher 2-person chair lift, Raneck or Nestelbergsäge

You like high-alpine terrain and demanding ascents? So, Ötscher summit tour via Rauher Kamm is just perfect for you! The route does not require alpine safety equipment, but you have to be free from giddiness and sure-footed. 

Route: Parking Weitental to Ötscherwiese and Ranecksattel (1 hour). Time for refreshment, then up to Bärenlacken saddle. Take the small path to the south that winds up to the north-east ridge.

Then continue through mountain pine forests to Rauher Kamm at 1,533 m. Ascent on small paths and rocky passages to Ötscher secondary.

Once at Ötscher secondary you have nearly made it. Follow along the easy plateau up to Ötscher summit!


From Ötscher to Ötschergräben

  • duration: approx. 5 hrs.
  • level of difficulty: intermediate

Ötscherbach torrent has been forming the spectacular shape of Ötschergräben for thousands of years. This natural gem will immediately enchant you with waterfalls, impressive rock formations and breathtaking scenery. Explore the unique flora and cascades up to 90 meters high such as Lassing and Mira waterfalls – a perfect subject for a photo.

Route: Follow trail 4 from the mountain station to Riffelsattel. Turn left, continue on trail 15. Descent to Spielbichler. There take the 2-km long forest road and then turn left to Ötschergräben.

When hiking through Ötschergräbenschlucht gorge you will be thrilled by this unique natural scenery! Trail 15c leads you to Hagengut. Continue on the forest road to Erlaufklause barrier lake.


For more routes please visit: https://skisport.com/Otscher/en/Oetscher-in-Summer/Hiking

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