Bike park Königsberg – Downhill und Mountainbike

The heart of the bike park on the Königsberg is the so-called playground with practice course and jumping elements. The highlight of the park is certainly the adapted towing light, which is used to transport the cyclists.

At the moment the bike park has a total of 1,993 m of trails with 92 built-in objects/obstacles.
The ascent aid in the form of the adapted T-bar lift takes you to the Freeride Trail with approx. 1.8 km, the Beginner Trail with 351 m, the Technical Trail with 135 m or the Pumptrack with 80 m. An approx. 1 km long nature downhill route completes the offer. The new Merida Flow-Trail was completed in spring 2019 – an opening will follow.

Mountainbiking & eBike Tours

Through Hollenstein an der Ybbs and the area around the Königsberg a variety of mountain bike trails wind their way. Varied tours in different levels of difficulty await you!

The dBike makes it even easier to discover the most breathtaking viewpoints and cultural highlights of the entire region. At the Königsberg not only eBikes are available for rental, there are also a lot of routes to explore and guided eBike tours to book!

Rental & Shop

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Mountain biking in the Ybbstaler Alps

Mountain biking in Lackenhof area is one of the most preferred tourist destination for many of our guests. Planning ahead the routes with well known bike-tour apps and websites makes a good and valuable time spent in amazing locations, enjoying nature on 2 wheels.

All around the Königsberg, at the foot of the Ötscher, on the Hochkar and in the Lunzer mountains mountain bike trails in all degrees of difficulty await you.

From the family-friendly trekking route to high altitude tours in alpine terrain, from the cosy hilly countryside to steep mountain stages: The mountain bike route network of the Ybbstaler Alps has a lot to offer!

In addition to the numerous vantage points, the best way to get your reward is to enjoy a well-earned alpine snack or a jump into the cool waters of Lake Lunz!

Finally, for those guests who just want to try out this leisure possibility, we propose to rent a bike for a short period, try the new e-bikes as well:, or try out mountain biking at the Mountain biking park Königsberg:

Fishing at Lunzer See lake

Fishing in the crystal-clear lake is an experience of a special kind. The fish abundance of the lake is well known and numerous fish species make every day in this water an unforgettable experience. You need a fishing card from Lower Austria or a fishing guest card.

Please note the fishing regulations!

Information and maps can be obtained from us:

  • Forstverwaltung Seehof, t +43 7486 8300
    (Monday to Friday 08:00 to 12:00 a.m.)
  • Landhotel Zellerhof, t +43 7486/8450
  • under

Palfau waterhole gorge (Palfauer Wasserlochklamm)

The Palfau waterhole gorge south of Mt. Hochkar is a true highlight for all nature lovers. Narrow canyons, gushing waterfalls, deep insights and sweeping views make the one-and-a-half-hour long hike to the waterhole a real experience.

Passing five impressive waterfalls with a total height of fall of 152 m and crossing many a wooden bridge, the steep track is winding upwards step by step. After overcoming the last hurdles, you will reach the lookout post that rewards you with deep insights into the fountainhead cavern and magnificent views across Salzatal Valley.

Sturdy footwear is recommended!

Palfau 69
8923 Palfau


Pilgrimage via Ötscher

Through Mostviertel on foot

Pilgrimage tours have always been a good method to relax. Believers, tourists or mountain enthusiasts can slow down, sort out their thoughts, find the inner balance when walking through the countryside.


Step by step through Mostviertel

  • Distance: 27 km
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Start: Ötscher Schutzhaus (1,418 m)
  • Variant 1: Ötscher Schutzhaus – Riffelsattel – Spielbichler – Ötschergräben – Mitterbach – Mariazell
  • Variant 2: Ötscher Schutzhaus – Riffelsattel – Feldwiesalpe – Gemeindealpe – Mitterbach – Sebastianikirche – Mariazell

The day leg to Mariazell starts at Lackenhof at the foot of Ötscher. Get ready for fantastic views of the surrounding region. The first ascent from Lackenhof to Riffelsattel requires some fitness (500 vm). For a more relaxed hike take the Großer Ötscher chair lift and get to Riffelsattel from there.

Tip: One of the most stunning natural highlights are Ötschergräben. Deep gorges, craggy rocks, crystal-clear torrents and roaring waterfalls await you there. Take trail 15 down to former Spielbichler inn. After 45 minutes you get to a 2 km-long forest road. Turn right to Ötschergräben. The impressive views are worth the detour!

The well-groomed trail leads past bizarre rock formations, wild torrents and the beautiful fauna and flora of Ötschergräben. Have a relaxing stop at “Ötscherhias“ and continue through the “Grand Canyon“ of Ötscher resort.

Finally, hike to Hagen forester’s house and walk along Erlaufsee lake to Mitterbach.

Useful info: In Mitterbach Mariazell pilgrimage path meets Via Sacra, the pilgrimage path from Vienna to Mariazell. Via Sacra is a historic path that is home to many spiritual stations and very popular among pilgrims.

The last kilometres of Mariazell path lead along the picturesque Sebastian path with its rosary shrines. Pilgrims who are still on the way to their inner balance will finally find themselves when seeing the basilica at the destination. Breathe in and enter the famous basilica of the idyllic mountain village of Mariazell.

Paragliding Ötscher

Thanks to fantastic thermal conditions Ötscher is one of the best spots for paragliders. Enjoy the unbeatable panorama. You will never forget this adventure!

In summer the landing area at Ötscherwiese is full of colourful paragliders. Once up in the air you will be absolutely thrilled by the fantastic view of Hochkar, Gemeindealpe and all the surrounding lakes such as Lunzer See and Erlaufsee Lakes. 



“Walk and Fly” offers several options. Are you an experienced mountaineer and an early bird? Choose the route via Rauher Kamm. Duration of the hike is approx. three to four hours. The launch site is below the summit cross.

The main launch site for paragliders is situated at Hüttenkogel. You can easily get there with the chair lift. It only takes 10 minutes from the mountain station to the launch site.

You may choose a mix of a small hike and some fun on the mountain. Take the standard route from Ötscherschutzhaus to the summit. Walking distance is about one hour, the ideal warm-up for your flight!

The best period of the year for paragliding is from May to August.

 Safety first is the most important rule when paragliding. If the north-west wind is too strong paragliding can be hazardous. Always be accompanied by an experienced pilot! Make sure you find a large landing area during peak-hours.


You would like to try it? We have a great school for paragliding, please visit the link below!

Hochkar 360 Grad Skytour

The highest Viewing Platform in Lower Austria


Imagine yourself at 1,760 m a.s.l., surrounded only by breathtaking mountain scenery! A 60m rope bridge takes you to the highest viewing platform in Lower Austria.  Enjoy a 360° view from the Mostviertel to the Danube valley, from Dürrenstein to the Dachstein mountains!


360 Grad Skytour

  • 900 m loop trail at 1,760 m above sea level
  • Highest viewing platform in Lower Austria
  • 60 m rope bridge
  • 120 m above the ground
  • 8.5 m viewing platform
  • View of hundred peaks higher than 2,000 m
  • Open from 1 May to 31 October (depending on snow situation)



Great scenic vistas: Hochkar 360°Skytour –from Hochschwab mountains to Hohen Tauern and the entire Eastern Alps!

Ötscher Ultra-Maraton

You are searching for more demanding activities? All this routes are used very often by trail runners. There is planty of different difficulties routes to train your body for the ultimate challenge organised every year: The Ötscher Ultra-Maraton.

70 kilometres, three dreamlike trails through one of the most beautiful nature parks in Central Europe and indomitable spirit. These are the ingredients of Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon. Once a year a great number of extreme athletes accept the challenge. The 2-day competition is unbelievably selective. Day one: 50 kilometres. Day two: another 20 kilometres to the finish line of Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon.

If 70 kilometres of trail running are simply too much for you, you can also take part in more humane competitions, such as 20-km Mountain-Run with 1,150 vertical metres.

Hikin Ötscher – closer to nature

Deep gorges and wide valleys – this charactherizise Lackenhof surroundings. Lackenhof am Ötscher is an excellent choice for nature lovers. Explore the impressive scenery at Ötscher with its mountain streams and interesting rock formations. You will be spoiled by the number of hiking tours from the area summing up more the 230 km.

The hiking region attracts families and extreme mountaineers as well. From easy hikes for beginners and families to very demanding expert tours and day excursions. Beside enjoying the nature and stunning view, there is also a culinary side of this tours, worth to try it. We list You only a few of the highlighted tours.


Hüttenkogel Hike

  • duration: approx. 35 min
  • level of difficulty: easy

Route:  Take the nice winding path that leaves from the mountain station of the 2-person chair lift up to the vantage points and the panorama telescope.


Ötscher Summit Hike

duration: approx. 1.5 hrs.

level of difficulty: intermediate

Route: Take the lift at Lackenhof valley station to the mountain station. Take the comfortable path that leads to Hüttenkogel. Turn left at the panorama telescope and continue on rocky ridges to Ötscher summit.

Tip: Paragliding launch site is situated just below the summit cross. Why not combine a hike with a flight? 


Ötscher Summit via Rauher Kamm

  •  duration: approx. 4 hrs. (start at Weitental parking)
  •  level of difficulty: difficult
  •  Parking: valley station of Großer Ötscher 2-person chair lift, Raneck or Nestelbergsäge

You like high-alpine terrain and demanding ascents? So, Ötscher summit tour via Rauher Kamm is just perfect for you! The route does not require alpine safety equipment, but you have to be free from giddiness and sure-footed. 

Route: Parking Weitental to Ötscherwiese and Ranecksattel (1 hour). Time for refreshment, then up to Bärenlacken saddle. Take the small path to the south that winds up to the north-east ridge.

Then continue through mountain pine forests to Rauher Kamm at 1,533 m. Ascent on small paths and rocky passages to Ötscher secondary.

Once at Ötscher secondary you have nearly made it. Follow along the easy plateau up to Ötscher summit!


From Ötscher to Ötschergräben

  • duration: approx. 5 hrs.
  • level of difficulty: intermediate

Ötscherbach torrent has been forming the spectacular shape of Ötschergräben for thousands of years. This natural gem will immediately enchant you with waterfalls, impressive rock formations and breathtaking scenery. Explore the unique flora and cascades up to 90 meters high such as Lassing and Mira waterfalls – a perfect subject for a photo.

Route: Follow trail 4 from the mountain station to Riffelsattel. Turn left, continue on trail 15. Descent to Spielbichler. There take the 2-km long forest road and then turn left to Ötschergräben.

When hiking through Ötschergräbenschlucht gorge you will be thrilled by this unique natural scenery! Trail 15c leads you to Hagengut. Continue on the forest road to Erlaufklause barrier lake.


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