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Ötscher Ultra-Maraton

You are searching for more demanding activities? All this routes are used very often by trail runners. There is planty of different difficulties routes to train your body for the ultimate challenge organised every year: The Ötscher Ultra-Maraton.

70 kilometres, three dreamlike trails through one of the most beautiful nature parks in Central Europe and indomitable spirit. These are the ingredients of Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon. Once a year a great number of extreme athletes accept the challenge. The 2-day competition is unbelievably selective. Day one: 50 kilometres. Day two: another 20 kilometres to the finish line of Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon.

If 70 kilometres of trail running are simply too much for you, you can also take part in more humane competitions, such as 20-km Mountain-Run with 1,150 vertical metres.


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