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Pilgrimage via Ötscher

Through Mostviertel on foot

Pilgrimage tours have always been a good method to relax. Believers, tourists or mountain enthusiasts can slow down, sort out their thoughts, find the inner balance when walking through the countryside.


Step by step through Mostviertel

  • Distance: 27 km
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Start: Ötscher Schutzhaus (1,418 m)
  • Variant 1: Ötscher Schutzhaus – Riffelsattel – Spielbichler – Ötschergräben – Mitterbach – Mariazell
  • Variant 2: Ötscher Schutzhaus – Riffelsattel – Feldwiesalpe – Gemeindealpe – Mitterbach – Sebastianikirche – Mariazell

The day leg to Mariazell starts at Lackenhof at the foot of Ötscher. Get ready for fantastic views of the surrounding region. The first ascent from Lackenhof to Riffelsattel requires some fitness (500 vm). For a more relaxed hike take the Großer Ötscher chair lift and get to Riffelsattel from there.

Tip: One of the most stunning natural highlights are Ötschergräben. Deep gorges, craggy rocks, crystal-clear torrents and roaring waterfalls await you there. Take trail 15 down to former Spielbichler inn. After 45 minutes you get to a 2 km-long forest road. Turn right to Ötschergräben. The impressive views are worth the detour!

The well-groomed trail leads past bizarre rock formations, wild torrents and the beautiful fauna and flora of Ötschergräben. Have a relaxing stop at “Ötscherhias“ and continue through the “Grand Canyon“ of Ötscher resort.

Finally, hike to Hagen forester’s house and walk along Erlaufsee lake to Mitterbach.

Useful info: In Mitterbach Mariazell pilgrimage path meets Via Sacra, the pilgrimage path from Vienna to Mariazell. Via Sacra is a historic path that is home to many spiritual stations and very popular among pilgrims.

The last kilometres of Mariazell path lead along the picturesque Sebastian path with its rosary shrines. Pilgrims who are still on the way to their inner balance will finally find themselves when seeing the basilica at the destination. Breathe in and enter the famous basilica of the idyllic mountain village of Mariazell.


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